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Pet Care and Wildlife 

Resources; National and International Organizations

Pets / Domesticated Animals

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The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
Pet Care Tips, Outreach, etc.

American Veterinary Medical Association
Finding a Vet, General & Emergency Pet Care etc.

Policy Lab: Guide to Clinical Trials for Pets

"A clinical trial for a pet is a research study where cats or dogs receive an experimental treatment meant to cure or improve the quality of life of the animal. Just like in humans, when a veterinary decides to conduct a research study or clinical trial, it is because they have sufficient evidence to believe that the new drug or treatment may be beneficial for the animal." An Ultimate Guide to Pet Adoption
Addresses Myths; Provides Tips, Resources and Other Info Who's the Better Pet Parent Survey 5 Facts About Rescue Animals You Didn’t Know


WikiBuy: The Ultimate Guide of Pet Freebies and Deals




WikiBuy: The Ultimate Guide of Pet Freebies and Deals Choosing the Right Pet To Fit Your Lifestyle

Your Guide to Responsible Pet Ownership
Provides a listing of various pet costs including, grooming, food, medical tests,
medical procedures, etc.

Dog Costs

Cat Costs

Horse Costs

Farm Animal Costs


Consumer Affairs - Pet Service & Product Comparisons

3 Ways to Ease the Cost of Pet Ownership

Traveling with Pets How to Keep Your Pets Safe In the Car Guide to Flying With Pets
Pet friendly airport and relief locations; pet health requirements for each state; travel rewards and programs offered for flying with your pet; etc. Traveling With Pets on Trains

Discusses health and practical advantages of train travel with pets; lists of pet-friendly state and national train systems; provides info on train travel rewards programs with pets, etc Safe Driving While Traveling With Pets


Thanks Brendan :) A Guide to Traveling With Pets Internationally 6 Resources for a Military Move with Pets The Ultimate Guide to Travelling with Pets Animals and Their Sleep Health
Provides sleep care info and tips for pets and a variety of other animals


How Much Sleep Do Dogs Need

How Much Sleep Do Cats Need

Sleep Patterns of Other Animals

Should You Let Your Pet Sleep In Your Bed A Guide To How Animals Sleep

Home Home Modifications for Disabled Pets



Pet 40+ Human Foods and Drinks That Are Poisonous or Unhealthy for Dogs and Cats



FragranceX: Cleaning and Removing Pet Odors and Smells The Effects of Air Pollution on Pets

The Nashville Paw - 6 Easy DIY Pet-Friendly Cleaning Products

General Home and Yard Safety for Pets
ADT Security - Pet Proof Your Home


Basement Guides - Guide to Keeping your Pets Safe at Home

Home Advisor - Pet Proofing Your Home and Yard



rentDEALS - Guide to Pet Proofing Your Home


Household Quotes - Keeping Pets Safe At Home



Kremp Florist - Pet Owners Guide to Flowers and Plants


Improvenet - Guide to Pet-Safe House Plants


Refin - Guide for Bringing Home a Rescue Pet



LA - Complete Guide to Pet Proofing Your Home


Home - Leaving Your Dog or Cat Home Alone - Keeping Pets Safe in the Home

Hire A Helper: Moving Tips for Dog and Cat Parents

Intuit Turbo: Top Tips for Pet Owners - How to Always Get Your Deposit Back

Red Brick Management: Are Pets Allowed in Flats

Top Dog Helpful Disaster Safety Tips For Pet Owners

Your Guide to Pet Care Preparations and Readiness for Natural Disasters

The Simple Emergency Medical Costs
Provides Cost Estimates On Emergency Medical Care For Pets Resources for Military Members with Pets



LendEDU: Pet Insurance 

Is Pet Insurance Worth It? Evaluating the Cost


Before You Buy Pet Insurance
 About Pet Wellness Plans
Offers Pet Insurance Plans with Various Insurance Providers, Pet Care, Tips, etc.
Pet Insurance Reviews Pet Memorials at Home

A Guide to Logistics and Legalities for Memorializing Your Pets
 Coping With The Death Of A Pet Pet Loss - A Resource Guide to Mourning and Recovery


No Kill Animal Shelter Network
List of No Kill Shelters, Outreach, etc

Humane Society International
Public Resources, Outreach


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World Wildlife Fund

Wildlife Conservation Society

Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitators

Rescue and Rehabilitation

Humane Society of America Rehabilitator List

Geo Eco / "Volunteer For Wildlife" Worldwide

Vet Careers -

For all Education and Employment resources, go to the Resources Menu

Careers with Animals

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