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Education: Idaho

K-12, Home School, High School Equivalency Programs, Colleges, Universities, Technical, Vocational and Accredited Online Schools

Grades K-12

The Idaho State Department of Education (w/ the State Board of Education) manages public and non-public schools for grades K-12. (208) 332-6800


Home School

The Idaho State Dept of Education Homeschool FAQs/ Frequently Asked Questions


Idaho State Homeschool Info Packet Idaho Home School Support Groups

The Mom Trotter - Homeschooling


African American Homeschool Mom – Freebies


A2Z Homeschooling – Afrocentric Homeschooling Resources

Connections Academy - Tuition Free Online Public Schools Tuition Free Online Public Schools Top Online Home School Resources



High School Equivalency

Idaho GED programs are coordinated through the Department of Career an Technical Education (208) 334-3216

Idaho GED Info

Colleges, Universities, Technical, Vocational and Online Schools

The Idaho State Board of Education (ISBE) is the governing body that oversees all post-secondary [beyond high school] schools and programs in Idaho (208) 334-2270

ISBE Directory of Public Colleges and Universities


ISBE Directory of Career Schools and Private Colleges


HBCU Radio Network: List of Historically Black Colleges and Universities

U.S. Department of Education: All Colleges, Universities, Vocational, Tech and Career Schools


Adulthood Inc: Virtual Housing Search Exclusively for Students

Community for Accredited Online Schools

Free4U List of Schools, State Scholarships and Financial Aid Info

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