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Domains, Website Types and Do-It-Yourself Websites 

Domain Basics

What's a Domain?
For practical purposes, a website is like a house, and a domain is a street address for that house.

How Much Do Domains Cost? 
Domains range between free to thousands of dollars

Free Domains

These domains automatically come with website builders that are managed by other companies. You won't own the free domain, so your site address will look something like www.wix.com/websitename.   

Paid Domains: Open Market - Usually $2 to $20

These domains are bought on the open market from a variety of vendors. You would pay for it and be the owner, however your vendor and/or website host would coordinate wherever you choose to use it. 


The price difference is generally determined by market popularity. For example, if your website domain ends with net, .usa, .xyz, etc., it will cost less than a domain that ends with .com

Paid Domains: Auction Houses and Private Owners - $100s to $1000s

Some domains are purchased by companies or private owners, and are then a resold at higher prices. If you try to buy a domain on the open market that's already owned by an auction house or private owner, you'll receive instant notification that its owned. You can check with the owner directly to see if its available for sale.  

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Types of Websites

Traditional Websites

Traditional websites are formatted to be viewed on a desktop/laptop computer. You can view it on any device, however when you look at it on a mobile phone or tablet, everything looks tiny because it's formatted for the larger screens of a desktop/laptop computer. 



Mobile Websites  

Mobile websites are specifically and only designed for mobile devices. Many businesses that have an existing traditional website, build a mobile website and link the 2 together. When they are linked, the system will detect what type of device a visitor has, and automatically route the visitor to either the mobile website or traditional website.



Responsive Websites  

A responsive website is a single website that provides 3 different views: mobile, tablet and desktop/laptop. The system automatically routes visitors to the view created for their specific of device.

Mobile Site vs. Responsive Site – Comparison by Smartz.com

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Do-It-Yourself Websites

Basics You Need To Know: 
(1) Building the website may be free, but if you want your own custom domain you'll have to pay for it. There may be other features and services that you may want for your website that you'll also have to pay for. However, free versions give you a chance learn how to build it and try basic services for free. 


(2)  Most paid versions are offered through monthly subscriptions, general about $10-$50 per month. Sometimes options like E-Commerce aren't a part of the subscriptions and are provided at an additional fee. 




(3) Even though its a do-it-yourself service, there are many people that learn it then sell website building services at lower cost than hiring a general designer.  Customer service may refer you to a place on their site that lists some or do a web search for people that are "pros" or "experts" in name of your site service . (Example: search "Wix Pro")



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