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Service/Product Apps, Online Security and Online Sales

Mobile App Basics

Should You Get a Mobile App or Website?

Mobile App Only:  Plus side - Once the app is downloaded, users wont need the Internet to use it.  Downside - It can't be accessed through the Internet, and it can only be used on

mobile devices.


Website Only: Plus side - It can be used on any device as long as it has access to the Internet. Downside - You can only access it if the Internet  is up.

Get Both: Getting both covers all bases, and you can have one feed content to the other.  But it can be costly unless you shop around. Since there's many inexpensive do-it-yourself website builders, you may want to start with a website. Then look for an app service that can create your app to draw content from your website, and automatically updates when you update your website. Usually your website provider can give you suggestions on mobile app services that work well with their sites; or they may have their own in-house mobile app solution.


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Cybersecurity -- aka Online Security, Computer Security and IT Security -- is the protection of computer hardware, software and data against damage, theft and other forms of attack or disruption. 

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E-Commerce (or ECommerce) means to sell things online. There's lots of resources and options, so the best place to start is:


(1) If you have a website or mobile app, asked the provider of that service what e-commerce options work best for adding a store to their site or app services.


If you're drop-shipping, where orders are fulfilled on demand thru another company, that company will be able to tell you what e-commerce options they have that can integrate with your site or app.

(2) If you don't have a website or mobile app, you sell online by creating a stand-alone online store through services like Big Cartel, Shopify and others

Services that provide stand alone stores, usually also have options to link existing  websites and apps to their stores.


(3) Once you decide how you're going to set up your main online service, you may also want to consider opening accounts through marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, Amazon, We Buy Black and others. Also, list your business at online business directories.   

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