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Entrepreneur: Funding

Resource Info on Traditional and Non-Traditional Funding

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101 Unconventional Sources for Business Funding,
Lists sources that include those considered to be risky business, low level lending,personal finances, miscellaneous assets, partnerships, grants and creative financing

11 Funding Sources for Your Small Business, Kiplinger
Provides pros and cons of various types of sources

Funding Your Business, U.S. Small Business Administration

Offers a guide that includes the following topics:

A Veteran's Guide to Starting and Financing a Small Business, Fundera

Provides advice and "some of the best resources available for starting, running, and financing a veteran-owned business."


A Personal Business Loans: How to Get One, LendEdu

Discusses topics that include:


Business Incubator List by State, Gaebler

Business incubators are companies/organizations that help new companies develop by providing services such as management training, office space, business supplies and funding.

A Veteran’s Guide to Starting A Small Business, Planergy

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