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Employment: Work @ Home

Legit Work-At-Home, Virtual, Telecommute Opportunities and Services

The Work-from-Home resources listed below include jobs for virtual call center/ customer service, transcribing, content writing, tutoring, etc. If you're interested in sales, many of these companies also have sales jobs. However,these groups are selected for their non-sales opportunities.


Work-from-Home -- also called remote, virtual, online or telecommuting jobs --require that you have a computer and Internet access. For call center work, many also require that you have a land-line telephone to use during work activities.



Apple Computers​
Note: They call their work-from-home customer service agents, Home Advisors



Hilton Hotels




Note: This company only offers online teaching/tutoring jobs

Arise, Convergys and LiveOps

These companies are hired by other companies to provide work-from-home staff for jobs in customer service, transcribing and other opportunities. You would be considered a contracted-employee or independent contractor.


Concentrix (formerly Convergys)


Net Transcripts

This company primarily offers transcription work. Transcribing involves listening to recordings from court proceedings, government and corporate meetings, and other events; and typing all the dialogue word-for-word using their editing requirements. 

Note: If you're doing their job search for the 1st time, don't enter any keywords, etc, -- just hit "Search for Jobs" to see all transcriptions jobs and details

This company offers access to their database of thousands of work-from-home,part-time, and other flexible jobs for a wide range of Fortune 1000 companies.

To determine if this service would be of value to you, they allow you to search and review jobs -- and other tools --  in their database for free.  Info on the companies that are offering the jobs are shown. But to get info on the specific contact persons for the jobs, you have to sign up for a subscription, which is $15 per month and 
comes with a money-back guarantee during the 1st month.

Website Planet: Guide to Being a Freelancer

Work-from-Home Depot: Resource Guide - Finding Remote Work Opportunities Job Boards, Blog, etc 8 Ways to Pay For a Home Office Setup

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