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Employment: Resume Resources

Interview Advice; Free and Paid Resume Tips, Templates and Services 

Resume Genius: Free
Their services are truly free. However, unlike many 100% free services whose tools are very limited, Resume Genius' tools and related services are comparatively extensive. 


Resume Templates

Main Web Address

Zety (Formerly Uptowork): Free tips, paid services 
They offer paid services, but they also have a wide range of free tips on resumes, interviews and employment.  Free advice includes:


How To Make A Resume: A Step-By-Step Guide

Military to Civilian Resume: How to Use Your Military Experience

Common Job Interview Questions and Best Answers (20 Examples)


Main Web Address


The Interview Guys: Free tips, paid services 
In addition to their paid services, they offer a free online "Complete Resume Format Guide" and free access to a video library of tips.


Complete Resume Format Guide

Main Web Address



Ultimate How-To Guide: The Interview Process,


Novoresume: Free, free trial and paid services
Services are offered for resume, CV and cover letter templates


Resume Templates

Main Web Address

Prestigious Resume and Writing Source: Paid Services

Expert writing services for resumes for resumes, cover letters and bios

Harvard Business Review: How to Nail a Job Interview — Remotely How to Write a Resume

There are many other great resources out there. Here's a couple things to keep in mind when shopping around for other online resume services: 

"Kinda" Free Services

There are some services that let you create a free resume, but if you want to download it, there's a fee. Unfortunately, they don't always tell you that upfront. The fees vary because they may charge you for each download or they may charge you a trial rate that allows you to download as many as you want for a temporary (trial) period. If you want to pay for each download, fees are usually $1 per download. Trial periods are usually 14-30 days; and trial rates are generally $2 - $5.

After the trial period, if you decide to keep the service, a monthly membership fee is charged. Those fees also vary with each company, but they commonly range from $15 - $30 per month.  In addition to their resume services, most of these 
companies also provide cover letter templates, job search services and other tools.

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