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Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Learn-A-Language


Provides encyclopedia information from multiple sources, including from Columbia Encyclopedia International Encyclopedia and others.


Offers encyclopedia, dictionary and thesaurus tools, and well as info on other topics such as geography and history.


Encyclopedia Britannica

This online version of Britannica gives you full access to info for 7 days. After that, you'll only see partial info on selected topics unless you sign up for their subscription, which is $69.95 per year.


Functions like an online research library with access to thousands of study tools. The subscription is $19.95 monthly or $99 annually.


Dictionaries with Thesaurus

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Talking/Audio Pronounciation Dictionaries 

How To
Enter a word and hear how to pronounce it in 36 languages
Enter a word and hear how to pronounce it in English

Learn a Language

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Learn to speak up to 26 languages for free

Free and paid user friendly options to learn 20 languages

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