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Activism: Environment

National and International Organizations and Groups

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Their primary focus is to reduce CO2 emissions and build a global movement for climate solutions

Clean Water Action
They advocate policies that support safe/clean drinking water, the reduction of pollution and other harmful activities in natural water outlets (rivers, oceans, etc)

Climate Reality Project
Their purpose is to provide education on climate change, and advocate against policies and actions that contribute to global warming

Conservation International
Their focus is to promote better care of nature as sources of food, fresh water and livelihoods; and to safeguard land, marine and coastal areas

Earth Share
They partner with other businesses and organizations, working together to protect water, land, and wildlife

Environmental Defense Fund
They advocate and work with other groups to develop solutions for issues pertaining to climate, oceans, ecosystems and health

Friends of the Earth International
Their focus is on addressing environmental issues from the context of social, political and human rights.

They advocate against environmental abuse and promote responsible solutions for issues ranging from industrial/manufacturing toxins, to saving the arctic, to forest preservation

Nature Conservatory
They focus on the scientific approach to preserving water and land, with an emphasis on educating and developing solutions that support biodiversity

Rainforest Action Network
They advocate the preservation and care of forests, their inhabitants and the interrelated natural systems that sustain life in forests

Sierra Club
They promote the responsible use of the earth's ecosystems and resources, with an emphasis on advocating sustainable (green) fuels and reducing global warming

United Nations Environmental Programme
This is the agency within the United Nations that oversees all environmental related activities of the UN. This agency assists countries (especially developing nations) in implementing environmentally responsible policies and practices.

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